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Overwatch beta now available for the public

Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the game “World of Warcraft”, unveiled its upcoming Overwatch game on November 7th at its semi-annual Blizzcon conference. Known mostly for its real time strategy games as well as role playing games, the launch of Overwatch game at Blizzcon 2014 was a pleasant surprise for everybody.

Overwatch is a team play video game which has six members in two opposite teams. The two teams have to battle out a shoot-out game to achieve different objectives. Though not many details are known yet about Overwatch, the initially released trailer gives some hint about Overwatch being a group of heroes consisting of scientists, soldiers and adventurers who take up the task of restoring peace to war-torn earth.

The Overwatch gameplay gives the players the option to choose from over a dozen gun toting characters each having their individual characteristics. Each character in the game has a unique ability whether in the form of massive energy shields or the ability to turn down the turrets amongst others. Characters such as a German soldier wearing battle armor, an ex British test pilot, an Indian architect, a cybernetic angel, a wall-climbing ninja, and a bow-carrying Japanese mercenary amongst others will have to be controlled by the player in order to win the game. Depending on which side the player is, the Overwatch game play has an aim of either capturing or defending in a fixed time limit.

Over watch beta version of the game had two objective modes- payload and point capture. In payload objective, the capturing or attacking team’s agenda in the game is to move the payload to a delivery point while the defense team plays the game with the aim of stopping the attacking team from their mission until the time finishes. While in the point capture objective, the two teams have to battle it out to capture a pre-defined maps which are based on the real world locations. The defending team in this objective has to maintain their control over the map while the attacking team tries to capture it from them.

The game, on its trial release, received mixed response at the Blizzcon with some hailing it as the game of the future while others finding minor flaws in it. All those who want to play the Overwatch beta version can play the game with a Overwatch beta key. And decide for them self which side they prefer to be.